Minibus and Coach Hire Prices

At Ipswich Minibus Hire we take pride in our work and endeavor to make your experience with us fun but professional. Towards this end, our services are competitively priced.

The first consideration we make on how much your charge will be is the mileage you rack up. Obviously, if you plan to travel far, you will be required to pay more. Closely related to this is the fuel the vehicle is going to use. Although our vehicles are very well maintained, the size of a car engine will determine the type and amount of fuel it uses. Petroleum is more costly than diesel but it is rarely used in heavy vehicles.

We have both standard and VIP vehicles, and the more the luxury and trimmings, then the more it will cost you. A chauffeur will cost you more than a regular driver because of the extra services they carry out as a result of their training.

Other than the mileage, we also consider the amount of time you want to have the use of our vehicle. If you need to have a vehicle in your custody for a number of days, expect to pay higher than if you were to hire it if and when you need it.

Although we strive to provide services to your satisfaction, we also prefer that you give us time to respond. For this reason, discounts are given to those clients who book our services in advance rather than the ones who ask for the same at the spur of the moment.

You should also be aware that we have high and low seasons and prices tend to fluctuate a bit to reflect this. For this reason, it is advisable to organize your event during the low season so as to benefit from the price reduction. So, contact us at Ipswich Minibus Hire for details.

Minibus and Coach Hire Prices Ipswich

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