24 Seater Bus Hire

This car is perfect for small church groups or school groups going on excursions to different locations within the country. Our 24-seater buses are well equipped with air conditioning, as well as seats that are ergonomically developed. With this vehicle, you can relax for a long time without any stress.

This bus will take a group of scouts out camping without leaving anyone behind. Other than the ample leg room, there is enough room to carry your tents, sleeping bags and other camping gear. As the seats are super comfortable, you scouts will arrive relaxed and ready to tackle the rigours of outdoor life. Our driver will be on hand to answer questions on the Highway Code, especially on the road signs. This will enrich the learning experience of your charges. You simply cannot go wrong when you choose Ipswich Minibus Hire to join in your adventures.

If your church group is going out to a church function, let our 24-seater be your first choice. Not only are our drivers courteous to a fault, but are very obliging. Choose your favourite gospel tunes and we will play them on our onboard CD so that your journey prepares you for the religious activities at your destination. So, you can sing along or just get spiritual nourishment along the way.

24 Seater Bus Hire Ipswich

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