14 Seater Standard Hire

Need a vehicle to pick up an important group of people? With our 14-seater standard vehicle, you can transport your corporate clients comfortably to any destination- hotel or business meeting. This car is suitable as it has sufficient space for luggage, as well as enough elbow room.

 With its superior handling, this vehicle can get your family to its destination without stress. It offers ample space to store luggage and so, your trip is going to be stress-free. Whether it is raining or snowing, our drivers have experience in handling their vehicles in all types of weather. So, leave the driving to someone competent and increase the bonding time with your family. Besides, if you are not behind the wheel, it means you also get time to enjoy the countryside as your driver takes you round Ipswich.

If you have a wedding, we also offer transport for your stag and hen parties. So, take the couple on their final night out as singles with our input. We will take you to the finest hotels for this familiar ritual. Our driver will wait patiently while you have fun as you move from one fun place to the next. What’s more, our staff is thoroughly professional in their behaviour, and this ensures that your privacy is maintained. Call us and let us handle that crucial day before you get married.

14 Seater Standard Hire Ipswich

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