33 Seater Bus Hire

This coach is quite affordable and suitable for a long, exciting trip with your local or church group. We have experienced drivers that can take you on all types of journeys. They will ensure you get to your destination safely and comfortably.

No journey is as emotive as the final journey. This is the time friends, relatives and colleagues turn up to bid the deceased farewell. It can be sombre; it can be sad. Yet, with Ipswich Minibus Hire by your side, some of the stress can be taken off your hands with the funeral services offered by our vehicles and staff. The deceased’s family or workmates can hire one of our 33-seater buses to attend the wake or funeral. It will also be a way of expressing solidarity with the family that is bereaved. You will find our rates reasonable and our staff considerate at your time of loss. So, let us be there for you in the good and also sad times.

Ipswich Minibus Hire takes pride in bringing people together. One of our favourites is class reunions where people get to meet their classmates after many years of going separate ways. So, if you are planning a reunion and you want a bus to pick you from various points and get you to your venue in time, the 33-seater is the bus for you.

33 Seater Bus Hire Ipswich

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