Nights Out

Everybody likes to have a good time when they hang out at night. Such hangouts could be simple or large. Whichever the case, these night hangouts can help take away stress.

One of the challenges of those night hangouts is that after having all the fun, it could be difficult to get a taxi to take you home; you don’t have to worry about that anymore. We have various vehicles in our fleet that you can hire to pick up members of your group from various locations. Just provide us with all the information we need and we will do the rest.

Ipswich has a wide range of hospitality venues, each with its own uniqueness. Depending on what kind of a night you are looking forward to having, you will definitely find a place to enjoy your night out. Let our chauffeurs drive you and your mates to whatever venue you want to visit. Whether you choose to go for club crawling or spend the entire night in one place, the driver will be more than happy to take you there.

 If you are looking to have a historic feel, then visit P.J McGinty & Sons is the place to visit. This venue dates back to 17th century and is believed to be haunted. It is also known for its mouthwatering dishes that come at a pocket-friendly price.

 Revolution is another great place to visit for a memorable night out with your mates. It is also located in the heart of Ipswich. When darkness engulfs the skies, come and get some of their mouth-watering cocktails. They have a wide selection of homemade vodka and premium spirit to sample from. Their kitchen also remains open till 9 pm every day where you can choose from their menu.

Dance the night away with their resident DJ’s, themed events and club nights. You can also sample one of their cocktail master classes.

To make it more interesting, we will wait for you until the very end. So, you can have all your fun without worrying about how to get home. You no longer have any cause to search for a taxi.

Our vehicles have sufficient music and DVD facilities to help you begin the party right in the car. We have drivers who are not just friendly but also professional. Just say the word and all your needs will be met.

Ipswich Minibus Hire is here to ensure you have maximum fun without worrying about transportation. You can book a vehicle now by calling us via phone or filling a form online. It will be our delight to assist you with your transportation needs.

Our vehicles will give you maximum comfort. With these vehicles, you can be certain of a memorable evening as they are fully equipped with facilities that will give you extreme pleasure.

Nights Out Ipswich

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